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A home inspection by a highly trained and impartial professional can help reduce risk and/or bring attention to unanticipated expenses that may occur during the first few years of home ownership. We feel that a home inspection in the 40019 area helps the buyer make a more informed decision on the purchase of their new home.

Please keep in mind that we are working in your best interest and will provide you information along with a full report about the home you are buying or selling to keep you aware of your home purchase or things you may need to do to sell your home quickly.



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When was the last time you crawled around under your house in Eminence, KY and checked out the foundation? Are you certain there are no cracks, weak points, or vulnerable conditions? What level of impact could your home withstand? It is widely agreeable that the foundation of our home is the most important detail determining the integrity of the structure.

Does the home you are purchasing have signs of settling and movement? We can perform a detailed evaluation of the foundation to determine what type of damage is present. There are varying degrees of foundation damage and settling. In addition, some homes were built with significant elevation variations. Some houses do not require repair, while others may require significant adjustments or foundation repairs. We use a leveling device to determine if the home’s foundation is still reasonably level or if it is in need of adjustment.

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